Monday Musings with Bear Sage 1/23/2023

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

—Mark Twain

We often allow ourselves to put things off hoping for everything to align, to be perfect before starting. In reality if we just started things would fall in to alignment.

Every journey begins with one step. It’s time too get started on yours.

I’m here to help you on your journey!

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Monday Musing with Bear Sage 1/16/2023

Do you need help getting out of the hole or slump your in? I’m here to help. Don’t let this year pass with out moving forward in a positive direction. Take the time to read the story below. It’s a great metaphor for our lives.

Bear 🧸

One day a farmer’s donkey fell into a well. The animal cried loudly for hours, while the farmer tried to find something to do to get him out.

Finally, the farmer decided that the donkey was old and the well was already dry and needed to be covered anyway; that it really wasn’t worth pulling the donkey out of the well.

He invited all his neighbors to come help him. They each grabbed a shovel and began to throw dirt into the well.

The donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly loud. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he quieted down after a few shovelfuls of dirt.

The farmer finally looked down into the well and was amazed at what he saw… with each shovelful of dirt, the donkey was doing something incredible: It was shaking off the dirt and stepping on top of the dirt.

Very soon everyone saw surprised how the donkey reached the mouth of the well, went over the edge and trotted out.

Life is going to throw dirt at you, all kinds of dirt… the trick to getting out of the hole is to shake it off and use it to step up. Each of our problems is a step up. We can get out of the deepest holes if we don’t give up.

Use the land they throw you to get ahead!!!

Remember the 5 rules to be happy:

  1. Free your heart from hate.
  2. Free your Mind of distractions.
  3. Simplify your life.
  4. Give more and expect less.
  5. Love more and… shake the dirt, because in this life you have to be a solution, not the problem!

Monday Musings with Bear Sage 12/12/2022

Setting Intentions

A lot of folks get confused by this term. The easiest analogy to use for setting Intentions is to think about New Year’s resolutions. That is setting Intentions for the new year.

When we put a goal in place, we are setting an intention in our life.

It’s great to set intentions but they are meaningless without action. In working with my clients over the years one of the primary goals I have is to help create daily intentions that lead to a happier healthier life.

Intentions can and should be made for every aspect of our life.

Here are a couple model intentions:


Base intention: I want a closer relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend/relative

Intention with action: I am going to set aside 30 minutes this week to listen to my boyfriend/girlfriend/relative

Outcome: They are going to feel like we value them, that they are important and that we care about them in a deeper way. This creates a deeper bond and closeness


Base intention: I want to better my opportunity for promotion/raises

Intention with action: I am going to reach out to my boss/supervisor and ask for an evaluation on what I can do to improve my work/production

Outcome: We are going to know where and what we need to focus on to be the best at what we do, our supervisor is going to see we are driven to improve and be great at our job. This will improve our relationship and how they view us.

Do you need help with setting Intentions?

I am here for you

Bear 🐻 Sage

Monday Musings With Bear Sage

When I see memories, I see the past.

When I see thoughts, I see the present.

When I see intentions, I see the future.


When I see regret, I see the past.

When I see hope, I see the present.

When I see expectations, I see the future.

What are your thoughts and intentions?

Are you living with hope and expectations?

These are important questions to ask ourselves. As we begin to close out 2022 and move toward the new year it is time to set our intentions and expectations for the future.

I am here to help guide you toward a brighter future.  Let’s talk about your intentions and expectations and how to change our future


Bear 🐻 Sage