Monday Musings with Bear Sage 1/2/2023


“Happiness comes as an artist with the stroke of a brush, happiness as an author comes with the stroke of a pen. You are the author and artist of your own life.”

-Bear Sage

Happiness comes when you realize that you are the author of your own story.

Happiness comes when you realize that you are the artist of your own life.

You can change the scenery of your painting and you can change the story from right now forward.

Think about that, think about the power that you have over your own life. You can change the outcome. You can change everything.

No one else can author your story. No one else can put the brush strokes on your canvas.

How do you want your story to unfold?

Bear Sage 🐻

Monday Musings with Bear Sage 12/26/2022


“Perfection is an illusion created by those who no longer want to improve.”

-Bear Sage

One of the most important things that we can recognize within ourselves and within our relationship is our flaws.

Our flaws are what encourage us to grow and to improve.

So many times, in life we try and hide our flaws, we use makeup to cover up the flaws in our faces. We use nervous laughter to cover up our fear. We use so many different things in our lives to pretend that we are okay or better than okay.

I want you to know that it’s okay to be broken hurt or even lost.

Broken vessels still serve purpose

Being hurt means you can still find healing

Being lost means you can still be found

I am always here for you. I can help you recognize and face your imperfections, your brokenness, your hurt, and help you find your way when you’re lost.

Bear Sage 🐻

Monday Musings with Bear Sage 12/19/2022


“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

-Elanor Roosevelt

One of the most important realizations that we can have in our lifetime is that we have the power to accept or to not accept the things said to us or about us.

When you give other people’s opinions or words the power to decide who you are, you become a puppet. You allow people to take your power away from you.

We are all born with an incredible gift of free will, a free mind, and a free spirit. It is our right to use these gifts to determine who we are regardless of what anybody else thinks or feels.

Use these gifts to empower yourself and don’t allow others the power to tell you who you are, what you are or what you can and can’t do.

Bear Sage 🐻

How to Refresh Your Energy

One of the things I often run across as a professional reader is a client who is all over the place with their energy. Their anxiety, their stress, is so high that it makes it difficult to filter through and get an accurate read on their specific situation. The following is an exercise that I try to walk them through and often recommend for clients to utilize in their everyday life. These are the steps to this exercise.

Step 1: This Part is All About Visualization.

We start off by thinking about our happy place or a place that brings us peace.

For me personally, this is by running water. For some people, this is a beach or a desert or someplace they feel comfortable and safe. What’s important for this visualization is that it’s a place you’re familiar with that you can not only picture, but you can remember the sounds and the smells if at all possible.
Once you have this place in mind you will close your eyes and picture it. You want this to be the only thing you are focused on, let everything else fade away. Allow yourself to get lost in the presence of this place, remember the sounds remember the smells remember what it felt like to be there.

Step 2: Take a deep breath.

You want to breathe in the essence of this location. You want the air you breathe in to bring in the essence of what that location means to you, and to bring positive energy into you.

Step 3) Exhale………

Blow out the negativity the doubts and anxiety that you are currently having and let the energy from your special place fill you with healing and positivity and self-confidence. Repeat the deep breathing and exhaling until you feel a peace settle in. This exercise can be used daily to help balance you and keep you grounded.

–Bear 🧸

If you would like a personalized guided meditation session, please reach out to me. It would be my pleasure to help you remove the stress, worry, anxiety, and fear from your life.